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Why start a coffee roasting business?

When I tell people that we started a coffee roasting business one of the first questions that I am often asked is, "Why?” I am normally met with words of encouragement and positive vibes. However, after the "that's cool" and the "good luck" comments, the next thing that is said is "Why?”

Now, first off let me make one thing clear, I love coffee. A lot! However, the main reason we got into the coffee business is one simple thing, memories. It seems like every cup of good coffee, even the bad cups, are always tied to a great memory. These memories are the driving factor behind what we do and why we started this little venture. Not only do we want you to take a sip of our coffee and be reminded of a great memory, but we want to create new memories alongside you as well.

I'll never forget my first "coffee memory". I remember going to the local greasy spoon diner with my Grandfather on Sunday mornings for breakfast. I thought it was the coolest thing to sit at the countertop and scarf down sausage links while he drank a cup of joe with the fellas. I would sit and be amazed at their conversations. I clearly had no idea what they were talking about but I knew when they would all agree on a good point because they would all take a sip of their coffee and nod their heads. A couple seconds would go by and the next topic would get thrown into play. I always thought to myself, "I hope when I grow up I have a cool place to go and do the "coffee nod" with the fellas".

These types of memories are why we originally thought of diving into the java business. We are hoping that we can make something that will pull people together, give them a reason to share some stories, and make some memories.

We know we aren't the only ones with good coffee memories. So click on the link and tell us yours. (Coffee Memories) Don't forget to enjoy the coffee and savor the moments!

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